Thursday, January 22, 2009

Silence Broken - Hope.

Well people - its here. It happened. History passed right in front of your own eyes - and the whole world for that matter. What does it feel like? Me - well I have bought into everything that was told to me this campaign season - I believe that a serious prospect for Hope and Change has come. I look forward to doing my part in helping that hope become reality and Change a process completed.

The problem is that I am not so much worried about myself as I am the rest of the world. I hope that they really "get it" too? I see a lot of celebrating - but I am not sure everyone is on board for the tough times too. You ever brought home that new flashy ride - and everybody wants to take a spin? Then when it comes time to ante up on gas money - every one is broke? Yeah it kind of feels like that. A lot of coat-tail riding until the rainy day comes along - then its every man for himself. The sad truth is that will not work - not at all.

But I remain hopeful.

I hope that people will not only expect more - I hope they do more and be more than what they already are.

I hope that people let the past rest in history books and instead focus on forging a much more historic future.

I hope that in the near future - politics as usual means compromises and solutions. Not debated bickering and delayed bailouts. There is nothing wrong with being the "loyal opposition". But the point is to get something important done - at least once a year.

I hope that family has a lot less to do with courts, custody, and checks -and a lot more to do with community, caring, and courage (to tough it out and make it work).

I hope for my single friends that dating will not just be about good sex and conversation (or the lack thereof). Expect more - you deserve it. If you settle for less - again - you deserve it.

I hope that my married friends and I - learn to remember what brought us together with our spouse and the oath that we take. So when the "for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health" comes - you are prepared to do what you pledged - stay the course vs. bouncing like a bad check.

I hope that ridiculously sagging jeans are on the way out right along with ridiculously tight jeans (sorry - but I really do. Ok Ok Ok -- I am not sorry - there I said it). Things are best done in moderation. Seriously.

I hope that people will stop criticizing proposed solutions and disguising it as conservatism. If you don't have a better alternative, don't complain about the one of the table. Go out and come up with a plan of ACTION on your own and bring it to the table.

I hope that someone recognizes soon you cannot win a war on terrorism nor can you win a war with terrorism as your tactic. Killing innocent people never furthers your cause. It only strengthens the opposition to it.

I hope the auto industry learns there is profit in focusing on what people need - not just what you tell them they want.

I hope Senate Democrats remember (soon) that many of them road the coattails of this new President into office - and show a some more respect and appreciation. Let's keep it real. You know you owe that man your job.

More than anything. I hope that 4 years from now we are in much better space. And that I can again hope for bigger and better horizons. Not simply because I keep shooting for the stars. But because we will have conquered our problems collectively and moved on to a better future.

I hope so.

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