Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Personal Survey -Am I an open book?

I tried out this site called www.formspring.me that actually host a survey for you. People can ask you questions (anonymously if they want) and you get to respond. Its kinda cool to see what people what to know about you. Although I honestly have to say I'm not "surprised" at
some of the questions I got. Anyway -since I'm suffering from my latest case of writers block - I figured I'd share -until I can come up with something more juicy. Enjoy.

Do you love your job? if you didn't what would you do instead?

Can't say that I do. I used to want to be an astronaut when I was a kid. But now maybe run for office? What u think?

What office? local, state, national? is there something in your closet that would cause you to change your mind? something that happened while you were in college?

I don't know actually. Haven't given it THAT much thought. I'm sure there plenty stupid stuff from that era of my life that would tick off a conservative or two (hundred). Yeah now that I think about it that would concern me - people being all up in the business like that.

Was your relationship always sunshine and rainbows? was there a time when you wanted to call it quits? what made you stay?

Relationships are NEVER ALWAYS sunshines and rainbows. There are always times when you "think" you want to call it quits. Its really nothing more than average frustration. As with anything in life worth having it takes work. My motivation to stay? Knowing what life was like without her.. Reflection is a gift from God we don't use enough.

Do you have regrets? If so care to share?

Nothing more than the usual. Paying more attention in school. An investment here or there. But aside from that.. I think I am where I am supposed to be. No regrets.

When did you know that your wife was "The One"?

She took the time to throw me a surprise birthday party once - and it was great - filled with people that mattered. I really saw that she understood me - It was during that party I decided I was going to marry her. I went to the jewelry store the next day.

Was your decision to settle down more about the right person or the right time? Which do you think comes first?

Its not a factor of "more" or "less" - although I will say that you need to be in the right space mentally in order to meet and accept the right person. I would say that means it has to be the right time first--but I can't because I've always believed that the right person can inspire you to be ready for that transition. So again its not what came first the chicken or the egg..its more like a perfect storm of variables.

What's the most important tip/key/advice you could give to a single woman in today's society?

Be patient. If you think there is someONE for you. Then that means there are a lot more that ARE NOT. Being single is just the time wading through those people. Spend time on self - making life better for you so that when you do meet that right person. Its more about bringing them along for the ride - and joining them on theirs.

What is the best gift someone's ever given you?

My life...then my wife.

If you were made program director at a radio station, what would be the first song you would play?

Damn that's a good one. Probably this one.


What's the most important lesson you learned in life?

There is no problem in life that requires drastic responses. Remain calm. As long as you are (inhale) and (exhale) - then you are going to be okay.. If you are not (inhale) and (exhale) - THEN you have a problem. Because you are dead.

How old is your middle brother?

Well I have six brothers-- you you might want to be more specific as to whom you are referring?

What is the biggest mistake you've made in life?

Wasting time. For all my wisdom - I can mos def recall times when I should have been more proactive or on point.

Next question!

If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?

Poverty. Its what divides us more than anything else.

Do you believe in God?

Without a doubt.

What was the best job you've ever had?

The one paying my bills.

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