Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Thoughts

I gotta admit lately I've been feeling like its the last days. All these earthquakes, a volcano eruption. I mean I can't recall a time in my life (30+ years) that there has been this much geo-activity. I'm just saying.

It befuddles me that people STILL haven't noticed that Republicans only agenda is to block/stop/delay anything that the Obama administration is trying to get done. Like ANYTHING. The White House can be like -" we've found the cure for cancer" - and some of these GOP /Tea Party idiots would be like "give me my cancer or give me death!" - "Cancer vaccines?!!? Its Socialism!" - "Cure Cancer? Its too much change too fast" (I never really understood why you have to move slowly to fix a problem. I know that's how I want my problems taken care of - fast.).

The only place they really have me morally divided is on immigration. I kinda feel them on that one. Its pretty black and white to me (or brown and white to them). If you are here and you aren't supposed to be--you gotta go. I don't really like these retro-active laws because they are a slippery slope to discrimination and profiling on a level not seen since colonial-era witch hunts. But I do believe something has to be done. Personally I would have focused my attention and resources to preventing people from crossing the border and documenting everybody going in or out of the country. I just think that is more of a fair process. The current process is like "indian giving" (excuse the ignorant term but I'm trying to make a point) - to give people something (false peace of mind and time to develop roots here -because its cheaper not to enforce the law) - and then snatch it back when you feel the time is right. Fix the problem on the front end.

My wife and I are nearing the completion of our first year of marriage (April 25th - gifts welcome- thanks)- man that went by fast. But at the same time the wedding seems like such a long time ago for me. Its weird. Buts its been a good year. Some forward progress made. So that's always good. What made me think of that is I saw that on ABC News Tonight - they are supposed to have some forum on "why successful black women can't find a man (particularly a successful black male one)". You'll have to excuse me but I think this topic is getting a bit worn. I would have thought by now with all the research, panel discussions, books, and Tyler Perry movies it would be evident that this is not TRULY a problem. Its an obstacle. Not a mission impossible. What frustrates me is that I see a whole industry designed around fostering this belief. I watched shows like "What Chili Want's" and "NBA Wives" and just about anything else on TV - and when it comes to the sisters - its about fighting over, competing for, settling for, or hopelessly searching for a man (and whack ones at that). I would shrug it off as entertainment-but then I start seeing these wannabes in the street and it makes me even MORE happy that I'm married (love ya baby). Its time to tune out the TV and turn up the conversation. Really get to knowing each other as people and letting that be your guide. Because I can assure you Tiny and Toya are not gonna get you down the aisle.

My online fam. I've had a few discussions as of late about Twitter and Facebook and their place in the world. Especially with respect to family business and personal information or whereabouts. I kinda have two thoughts about this. Yes you should protect your privacy -as much as you feel comfortable with. If you don't feel comfortable twit-pic-ing your tour around Egypt. Do you. But this is a very different world we live in. If your taking a week long vacation - you can't just set the timer on the lights anymore. Once you tell anybody that you are going out of town -its not just whether or not YOU post something but you gotta worry about whomever else has access to your page, wall, etc...So look if you don't want somebody to know something. Don't say a word about it. Don't blame it on Facebook or twitter. I'm closer to an open book. I'm not stupid -but I just don't feel I should have to live in fear at home or abroad or on my facebook page. You only have a certain amount of control of anything in this world. Everything else you buy insurance for. Stop worrying so much - if you don't the terrorist win (I just felt like saying that there).

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