Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wall St. Bailout = Greatest Heist in History?

I know what I said a couple of weeks ago with regard to the financial crisis "we have to do something". At that time I said that I understood that while the act would be painful it was necessary for the survival of our economy or rather the greater good.

Well that was last week.

Now I am sure all of you saw what happened in the short period since then - if not I highly suggest that you NOT look at your current 401K balance. To put it simply - ignorance is bliss.

That's kind of the way I feel about how this whole bailout thing played out. I wish I didn't know. Because right now its not my college level math skills that are ticking me off. Its my 3rd grade ones.

How is it that a week ago - House Republicans and Senators couldn't agree to pass a bare bones $700 Billion bailout package - saying it was too costly to the American people? Then turn right around and pass it faster than a post Exlax meal after $150 Billion of Pork Government Spending (translation - unecessary) was added to it? I am sorry since we did $850 billion become less costly than $700 billion. Please let me know so that I can register for some remedial mathematics courses.

No need - we all know it. The fact is that the people that we trust to "handle our business" screwed us over. And they did it in the name of "acting in our best interests". Its BS people (no EXLAX needed here).

I am not saving my fire for any one political party or candidate -because I think they all executed a plan of CYA here and I can't really see how it was done to benefit anyone more than the person signing the paper.

From my understanding - there were requests to add money for things as goofy as "puerto rican rum" to "arrow-manufacturers". WTF???!?! Just last week it was widely reported that more than 90% of the calls into congressional offices were flat out AGAINST any bailout for Washington. You mean to tell me that "Puerto Rican Rum" and "Arrow manufacturing" have THAT much affect on your voting public that you had to get that in there? Sounds to me like something else - LOBBYIST.

I don't believe that the American voters were given what they needed in this bill or the actions by ANYONE in the government right now. They were failed by the financial institutions and the government leaders that they elected.

My suggestion is that in this next election - you vote. And use your vote to send a very strong message to Washington DC. Any representative that voted to add more spending to this bill should be out - defeated in landslide - in order to send a message. Loud and clear. Don't mess with my stacks jack.

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